Cabbie assaults passenger over fare dispute.

A dispute over the fare for a trip from Papine to Half-Way Tree left a woman nursing cuts and bruises to her body, after she was pulled from the taxi.

It was shared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that on October 25, a woman boarded a taxi outside of the United States Embassy in Liguanea and asked the driver what was the fare for the journey to Half-Way Tree.

The driver, Sadam Quarry, informed her that the fare was $180, but the complainant disputed the cost and asked, “Is that your fare or the government’s agreed rate?” Quarry informed her that the $180 fare was correct and was in keeping with the government’s recent fare increase of 35 per cent.

An argument developed between Quarry and the complainant and she asked to be let out of the taxi. When Quarry stopped to allow her to exit the vehicle, the complainant refused. Quarry then dragged her from the vehicle and onto the roadway causing her to fall and hit her elbow.

Quarry pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and agreed to attend mediation. He and the complainant are to return to court on February 5, 2024.

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