Managing Company 

National Religious  Partnership (NRP) Media  is the Managing Company/ Owners and Operators of NRP radio/TV  the subsidiaries of NRP Media. It is made up of the overall decision makers who draft, discusses and Implement policy and programmes for the day to day operation of the radio/Tv stations.

NRP Media, is  primarily a Religious based organization will give direction to all of its offshoot, namely NRP radio/TV  the subsidiaries of NRP Media. We operate under one main thought and motto: “ Reaching you where you are -No Boundaries, No Limitations”.

NRP Media (Radio/TV)

Target Audience:  All members of the family; the teacher, the nurse, the policeman, the soldier, the preacher, the student, the higgler, the farmer and the taxi man, even the man on the streets.

BROADCAST  DAYS: NRP radio will operate on a 24 hour basis, providing music of different genres to include : Religious, soul, reggae, contemporary jazz and more to the wide cross section of listeners/viewers primarily in Central Jamaica, islandwide and via the world wide web to where man is found . In the long run the station intends to procure a Community/regional license to reach the common man listening to the fm dial.

This media will also focus on:

  • Health issues
  • Ones’s Spirituality/christianity
  • Counseling
  • Wealth
  • Welfare among others. 



NAME                                                      POSITION

Leaon Nash                                             Founder/CEO/Presenter

Leon-Neil  Nash                                     Deputy CEO/Manager/

                                                                Chief Technical Manager

Fabian Ellis                                             Deputy Technical Officer

Jeremy Nash                                         Assistant Technical Operator


Leonie Nash                                           Chief Designer/Producer

Chantal Codner Nash                             Assistant CD

Jenieve Nash                                         e- Graphics designer

Jacinth Nash                                         Chief Spiritual Advisor



Collin Mclaughlin                                  Technical support

Alrick Wignal                                         Production Support